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     Couples Massage

Couples Massage 

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Intentional Wellbeing is our Mission

We all possess the wisdom to achieve harmony within our being and our lives. While focusing on breathing the mind quiets and then release and opening can happen.  My intention is to guide you through your journey to a deeper understanding of your bodies intelligence  and the power of intentional focus. All the answers lie within and this practice of  release  through  massage,  the connection to  breath  and focus allow for a powerful shift that leaves a feeling of lightness and joy.

I thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this journey with you, Dana.

Dana Leslie Organics

Rebecca K.

What a goddess Dana is! I was scheduled for a massage with another therapist who had to cancel at the last minute. Yelp led me to Dana and magically she had a same-day appointment available (believe me, when you experience her work this will amaze you.) I had the two hour restorative session and it was exactly what my jetlagged body needed. She combined confident muscular techniques with intuitive energy work, healing essential oils, and some guided meditation and breath work to fully create a safe space for relaxation. I'm a bodyworker and have had health care massage done by many awesome therapists throuought the years and Dana definitely impressed me. Ah, what a wonderful experience.

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