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"If you're  going through hell, keep going"

                                           Winston Churchill      

Dear Friend,

I cannot thank you enough for your love and support, for wrapping me up in your arms of love and healing. You are guiding me through a very important journey and my gratitude is endless. I give you my love and promise to continue sending all my people to you...I am putting a link to you on my website! How much do you love THAT!

I love you friend, DW, SF.    

Massase Therapy

"I have been a client of Dana Sanchez for at least 10 years now. She truly has the gift of intuitive touch. I've tried many high-end spas in the San Francisco Bay area and none of them compare. She has raised the bar so high for customer satisfaction and personalized care. Dana is professional, very personable, fun and effective. She personalizes her treatment to fit my skin and body. After each session with Dana, I can honestly say that I feel I have received a complete treatment: every muscle in my body is soothed, my skin is aglow, all tension eradicated, and I achieve a sense of peaceful well being. Almost every member of my family and many more friends are now clients. If you are serious about finding the best massage therapist and aesthetician in the Bay Area, look no further. Dana is IT!"

Suzanne Hickman Sands
Tiburon, CA


I've been raving about Dana since I got off her table - my massage yesterday was absolute, utter bliss!  I'll admit, I'm a huge fan of massage - I've been to retreat centers and spas and massage artists all over the world, and none - none! -  have been as astounding as Dana's.  Wow!

Her touch is superb - she knew intuitively where my trouble areas were and supported them in such a way that all of my tension and knots got released with zero pain.  Her technique is exquisite, and varied, her hands are firm and nurturing, and the high-end oils topped off the whole experience, leaving me dreamy and more relaxed than I have been in years.

Get thee to Dana!  You'll thank yourself for it!
                                             Anna Dorian SF, CA

"Dana gives The best facials and massages around.    

                          It is a treat to spend time with her, too." 

                                                    Jodi K Orinda  CA

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